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The Dirty Secret About Online Home Value Estimators

Online Home Price Estimators that are automated don’t want you to know how inaccurate they can be. If you look at the fine print elsewhere on their websites, they’ll even admit to you that they may have a huge margin of error on many of the properties listed there. We can solve that for you!

Not All Home Value Estimators Are Accurate Enough!

In Their Own Words:
“Nationwide, Zestimates are currently within 5% of the final sale price 53.9% of the time.” – Zillow (link) 4/14/2017

That means that almost half the time those Zestimates are not within 5% of the sales price. And that’s just the average. Imagine how many properties are even further than that! Do you want to chance your home being one of the crazy outliers?? Wouldn’t you rather know for certain just how much your home is worth right now in your own local market?

Realtor MLS in Phoenix Metro ArizonaHow do you get the most accurate estimate for the value of your home? Simple. By asking an expert. A REALTOR®, a full-time real estate professional that knows your neighborhood, your community, your town or city. An experienced agent that knows how to properly give you credit for the little things that make your home unique, because automated home valuation estimates might only take into account the square footage of your home (and sometimes the lot/acreage). What about the upgrades and additions you’ve done? An online automated home price estimator can’t give you credit for things it doesn’t know. This is especially true in upscale luxury homes and estates. That’s why you should ask a REALTOR®.

Give us a little detail about your home and our REALTOR® Specialists will prepare your free estimate right away!